My Microsoft and 4Afrika Story

When I enrolled for a Bsc Computer Science degree some years back, I totally had no idea of what Computer Science was. It was my friend and mentor's idea that I should take Computer Science. Cheers J. Okou! For me, that was a very bad idea. I wanted to study quantity survey or some nice engineering course.

I even applied for an inter-course transfer to do some other engineering course. Things to do with technology and careers in such were never at my exposure all through my High School time. (Oh poor me!)

My Microsoft 4Afrika Story

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At Microsoft, it all started by a WhatsApp link. It was a Microsoft Student Partner program application form. I applied though without much expectation to be selected into the program.I was in my first year 2nd semester by then. A month later I received an email confirmation that I was selected into the program. It felt great. I was happy for that.

My fellow MSPs at the university were finalists and they were a bit surprised of how as a first year, just got such an opportunity. To them it was a plus! So, we started planning, sending and receiving mails from Microsoft Offices at Nairobi for events! We did Microsoft boot camps and many developer activities at our university.

We did a Microsoft Boot camp in collaboration with the 4Afrika team led by Somet Kipchilat and Paul Roy in Kenya. The meals, fun, networking and attendance was lit! Another amazing Microsoft activity was the “Windows 10 upgrade” project. We managed to hundreds of upgrades for students and staff at the university.

The Microsoft 4Afrika journey

When I met Somet, the 4Afrika official in Kenya, he enlighten me on the 4Afrika program which kept pushing me to do more as an MSP. I learnt of the 4Afrika Internship program and I was so interested in joining the program just after finishing my fourth year.

In 2016 between July and August, I received an email from the 4Afrika team for the 2016-2017 internship program application. I had just finished my second year at the university. I again applied. A month later I received a call from Lucy of the 4Afrika confirming my qualification for the 4Afrika Internship program with one of the Microsoft Partners in Nairobi. Again, I was in a happy mood!


I received interview requests from two Microsoft Partners, E-Momentum Systems and Magtech Solutions. Both based in Nairobi, Kenya. I was so delighted! I had the Magtech Interview first and made it. When the second Microsoft partner called, I had already received an appointment letter from Magtech Solutions.

Work Experience

Since my first day at work for my internship, I really learnt and gained a lot. Team work being the most important of all. My professional aspect of life has grown better than before. From writing to field work, that is, technical aspect with Microsoft Azure and Office 365.


I had a lot of expectation since the first day at the office. I thank the MS 4Afrika team for their support all through and I am glad to have gained more than I anticipated including;

Office 365 essentials, marketing skills - Office 365, published about 15 Articles on Microsoft Technologies for Business on Magtech site, Microsoft 4Afrika Sales & Technical training, Azure training and Certification and represented Magtech Solutions at the Microsoft Next Africa 2017 2 day event.

The Microsoft 4Afrika Sales and Technical Trainings

During the internship period, we had sales and technical training that have empowered me so much. The trainers were great and we could exchange ideas and engage positively during the training sessions.

One of the epic training was the Microsoft 3 day Office 365 Training that took place in Nairobi at Microsoft offices. The trainers, Charles and Ben from the United Kingdom were great and resourceful.

Writing & Articles

During the Internship, I managed to write articles on Microsoft Technologies for Small and Medium Business ranging from cloud, security and Office 365 dubbed #ModernBiz published on my LinkedIn profile and Magtech Solutions Ltd website.

Read the articles HERE

The Microsoft NexTech Africa event 2017

I represented Magtech Solutions Ltd at the NexTech Africa event held in Nairobi. Created by a group of passionate Africans at Microsoft, Microsoft NexTech Africa 2017 event was a 2-day meeting of the minds designed to engage, empower, inspire and see African technology creators building it for Africa.

Post Internship

Went back to school for my third year semester and looking forward to working at Microsoft and with 4Afrika in the near future.

Thank you Microsoft 4Afrika!

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